Monday, December 31, 2012

Marshmallow Day - Mr. Children

I hear this every morning at least a couple time because they loop it in the study pit (aka the family restaurant where I do lots of homework). They have also been playing it in the street in Shibuya. I could never really catch the words, though, so I decided to investigate....

Beware, lol:

Marshmallow Day - Mr. Children

Like a race car engine,
my heart is rumbling
This feeling well up towards my center
You're beautiful
It's marshmallow day

Just like a 3D movie
A smile straight out of Hollywood
I lose myself
as I'm gradually captivated

Don't go disappearing
like the taste of chewing gum
We're blowing sweet memory bubbles
Carefully, then crazily
I want to savor your texture
Everything is a taste of you

Even though I know there are other things I really should be doing
I can't concentrate
Like bells ringing on high
You're beautiful

Although we've been getting along just fine lately
wanting for nothing
I imagine of a world without you
and I'm terrified

Even if I can't get enough sleep
If I can see you, I'll come with bells on
I'm longing for that moment
I'll match your key
Let's hum the same song
Everyday I sing for you

My heart soars
when I touch the gentle warmth of your body
Ah, I'm so happy
I could die
Buried in your sighs
and this sweet mood

Don't go disappearing
like the taste of chewing gum
We're still blowing sweet memory bubbles
Carefully, then affectionately
I want to savor your texture
Everything is a taste of you

I'm gonna match your key
Let's sing a happy song
Everyday I sing for…
Everything is a taste of…
Everyday, marshmallow day

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Proooobably nothing, but ok, pretty catchy. You listened twice, didn't you! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

エミリー - 井上陽水

If you think this is narcissistic,  talk to my friend who recommended the song to me.

PS - This was actually quite difficult and you can read why in the notes and also why it might be partially incorrect (or just a wonky interpretation, let's say).

PPS - Here is a cover of the song:

Emily - Yousui Inoue

I can't forget the way
your eyes looked that evening
The sky was fading into twilight
As if it were whispering to the night

First love
is what summer is for [1]
The stars in the sky, too
Seem like they're wandering through the night

On rainy days, and farewell days
dreaming of summer sun
being loved, being swept away
I'll disappear on [2]
a star's revolving journey [3]

The important thing
is to be happy
But don't say anything
more than that, ok? [4]

On rainy days, and farewell days
dreaming of summer sun
being loved, being swept away
I'll disappear on
a star's revolving journey


[1] I feel nervous about this because it hangs あこがれ out to dry, but I stand by it in terms of meaning and attitude.

[2] The subject is incredibly not literally in the song. At first I actually kept this as a gerund "disappearing" and I think you could do that, but then I realized he's not dreaming about that too. Someone is actually doing it. Either her, him, or both. I decided it can't be her because it's present/future tense. And dude wouldn't be singing this song if they were together, I don't think; seems pretty lonely. So I think he goes off alone.

[3] Then there's the other thing that throws a little chaos on the fire. I read たび as 旅 since the stars had already been kind of personified as wandering through the sky I figured it referred to that journey. Right? I think that is the correct interpretation but I realized that it MIGHT also be possible to read the whole two lines as, "When (度) the star goes around you vanish," or something hopefully less wonky than that. And it would have to be "you," cuz it's wouldn't be the singer or them together. SO. I don't really like that version and I don't think it's right (she doesn't seem like that kind of girl :P), but I do wonder if a Japanese person would read it like that way or not. I might just be overthinking it due to the hiragana.

[4] This strikes me as weird even in the original Japanese so for that reason I'm a little hesitant on the translation. If you think about it, it's really depressing, though, so maybe it's right...

Is this really that sad of a song or am I on crack? ( ノД`)シクシク…

Friday, September 7, 2012

燃えるハートで〜レッドリボン軍をやっつけろ〜 - Wonderland Gang

Was searching for Dragon Ball on YouTube randomly and found this song that happens to correspond to the arc I am reading right now!

With a Heart on Fire: Beat the Red Ribbon Army! - Wonderland Gang

In the city, in the wilderness, rushing in [1]
with an over-developed sense of entitlement—hell soldiers
On the wing of their flying machine blocking out the sky
is an ominously red ribbon, ribbon, ribbon [2]
Don't be frightened of this encroaching evil's power
You can't lose
No matter who the enemy, head for your dreams
with no fear, fighter [3]

Let's go, Red Ribbon
This is gonna be one heck of a thrilling struggle
You have a friend who will fight against their evil ambitions [4]
Beat'em, Red Ribbon
For the best future [5]
Awaken your wild side
Set your heart on fire, go fight!

Over the sea, in the desert, across the great plains [6]
the roaring devil's murderous weapons
Wound around the arms of
these fearless killers: red ribbon, ribbon, ribbon
Yes, that's right—in anyone's heart lies
the bravery to protect their love
Believe in the intense bonds you have formed [7]
and outrun the wind, fighter!

Let's go, Red Ribbon
It's gonna be an exciting brawl [8]
You have a friend who will leap, even into a hazardous trap [9]
Beat'em Red Ribbon
For the sake of my wonderful friends
I'll summon a miracle
Set your life on fire, GO FIGHT

Go after the seven dreams
scattered around the world
Don't hand them over to the bad guys
We'll defend the future, fighter [10]


[1] This 走る was kind of a pain in the neck.
[2] This would be really unfortunate to do as plural, i.e. "On the ribbons, ribbons, ribbons" so I did it singular...
[3] Made this a noun to be more sounded so wonkadonk to say "without being afraid" or something, SO.
[4] I went back and forth between "their" and "these" but even though "their" kind of comes out of nowhere it sounds better, I think. No qualification sounds...too weird, I think.
[5]イカした未来 was a new one on me. Any advice appreciated :P Briefly considered going ultra cliché and saying "For a bright and shining future" but...not really appropriate :P
[6] Perhaps an unacceptable level of embellishment given it's all just に、に、に...
[7] What "bonds?" Sorry, I tried to make it make sense...
[8] I used "brawl" above initially and then changed it to "struggle" so I could use "brawl" for 大暴れ...
[9] This phrasing is pretty awk, but honestly I think it's kind of awk in the original too : /
[10] Translated "tomorrow" as "the future," yep, sorry. I dunno. I could see "fight for tomorrow" but "defend tomorrow" or "protect tomorrow" is a little rough sounding...Idk. I guess at some point in these songs it's all a bit rough sounding.


Update: Wow, now I know no one paid attention to this entry. You guys let me typo "desert" as "dessert" V_V #weallwantcake #corrected

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

まじないの唄 - OKAMOTO'S

Have had this song in my head a couple days now.

Song of Charms [1]

Hey hey everybody, come on over
I'm not such a sketchy guy
I'll tell your fortune, I'll tell your fortune
I'll tell you your future

Put on a glittering ring
C'mere, I'll show you the way
C'mere, c'mere
Let's dance until the tomorrow we're all so excited about

Swing your hips, stomp your feet [2]
I'll play the fool for you
Leave it all, leave it all
to the tarot cards

Hey hey everybody, come on over
I'm not such a sketchy guy
I'll tell your fortune, I'll tell your fortune
Just like this, just like this, I'll take you along


[1] Considered "Magic Song" but there is no charm to that lol "Incantation" is hard to fit. This was the hardest part of the song. Not sure "charms" is that good either. Honestly I think the title of the song is just a bit weird, but anyhow!!

[2] Subject is actually unclear. This verse is sort of hazy to me.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Looks like my practice is paying off

Today I qualified to do standard jobs in Japanese->English at Gengo. I realize that that doesn't automatically make me brilliant, nor does it make translating any easier (wouldn't that be nice), but I'm pretty stoked to have passed their test.

DOWN TOWN - シュガーベイブ

Haven't listened to Sugar Babe since maybe...April.

Downtown - Sugar Babe

A rainbow-colored dusk has fallen
There's a little chill in the wind
Saturday night is hoppin'

The street corners are always a crush of people
but even so this is a cheerful city
Everyone always dressed to the nines

Even a gloomy mood
will brighten up right quick
Everyone is lighthearted

Let's head downtown
Let's head downtown
Let's head downtown

Romances that only last the night are fun, too
disappearing like soap bubbles
Tonight's just getting started

Even a gloomy mood
will brighten up right quick
Everyone is lighthearted

Let's head downtown
Let's head downtown
Let's head downtown

Maybe you like my liberties, maybe you don't. We can talk about it in the comments, if you like! I highlighted what I feel are the wonkiest bits.

Image found here

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A kind of old Shintaro Sakamoto interview

This is an interview I meant to translate last year around when it came out, but forgot. It's still interesting, especially if you like Shintaro Sakamoto and haven't read it already. There are notes at the bottom, but take this as a disclaimer that it's not perfect; I just tried hard. Practice makes...something.

Feature Interview: Shintaro Sakamoto

"Don't you have that feeling where even in the midst of something like despair, you want listening to music to be fun?"

Ending an almost year and a half silence since the sudden announcement of Yura Yura Teikoku's break-up, Shintaro Sakamoto is releasing a solo album, "How to Live with a Phantom," on November 18th. I'm sure there are many people who have already heard the first single off it, "In a Phantom Mood" on 7 inch. There are probably people with their hopes up imagining what the new album will sound like, as well as those who feel hesitant.

"How to Live with a Phantom" is Sakamoto's first solo album—in addition to guitar, he plays base, keyboards, etc. You can't simply say it follows in a straight line from the bewitched breakdown in the psychedelic rock album, "I'm a Cave;" something new is being born. No, these quiet expressions can't be called an extension of "I'm a Cave," but this album has even more of the casual groove and aloof atmosphere running through it. Light pop that slips right into your everyday. Even so, there's a depth there with no bottom in sight. You realize with a start that you're completely sucked into the image born of the sound, the melody, and the lyrics. 

Through the lyrics comes a knowing heart mottled with dry nostalgia. Instead of pessimism in response to loss and loneliness, there's almost a kind of home sickness. Snuggled up close to the lyrics are the melancholic melodies. The jaunty sound that delivers them diffuses the atmosphere. If we say that Yura Yura Teikoku's sound was able to draw you in with its overwhelming presence, this solo work will slip in through the cracks in your heart and get cozy. A perfect mood.

Shintaro Sakamoto has kicked his solo career into gear, so we decided to start the man himself about this new album.

Specifically, when did you start thinking about doing a solo album? Did you have something like this in mind right after Yura Yura Teikoku ended?

Right after it was ended I was like an empty shell and wasn't doing anything.

So then when did you start working on it?

I started on it around the second half of last year. At first I was just messing around at home, had bits of songs like these…I guess I was just making music without any ambition of putting out an album.

So basically like playing, or a hobby.

Hm, yeah.

Then when did that turn into thinking about making an album?

Sometime near the end of the year I had about seven songs piled up, so I figured I would start on it.

Did you have anything like a concept for the album?

I guess rather than having a particular concept of what kind of album I should do I wanted to first off just make the sound that I wanted to make. I started from the bass line, then layered in the conga and percussion. Actually, at first I thought maybe that was good enough. I even did a test run just like that, but felt it wasn't the kind of album you could listen to over and over. So from there I added the guitar and a bunch of stuff.

Ah, so it's like you started from the rhythm section. By the way, that sound you wanted to make, what kind was it specifically? Well, I guess listening is the best way to figure out, but if you explain it in words, what does it sound like?

The drums and bass are muted, light sounds, unsustained; the bass is paired with the vocals and the rhythm bounces a little bit…

So it's not like something you couldn't do with Yura Yura Teikoku, no reactionary feelings, but just purely what you wanted to do?

Ahh, yeah, nothing like that.

Was there something you were listening to that influenced that sound you were explaining you wanted to make?

Ahh, I might have been thinking, "I always did like this kind of thing." By which I mean drums with no reverb applied, like no echo or something; I actually wanted to do that with Yura Yura Teikoku when we were recording for the first time. I like not applying reverb to anything. If I had done it at that time, we would have sounded really weak. At the time I didn't realize that with reverb, even when you don't think you're depending on it, you actually are. I gradually came to understand that (lol). Of course, the actual recording was done by (Souichiro) Nakamura.

This album is basically you playing bass and everything yourself—was there anything difficult about that?

Well there was the issue that it simply took a lot of time. To make make a phrase I'd practice until I was about to explode and then record, for example. And that's not just bass, but guitar, and the small organ parts, too. Also in a very real way it took a lot of time because we were recording parts separately. That said, since I was doing it all myself it was easy to think of things like, "To get this sound in, I'll take this out."

What kind so things were obviously different from recording with a band?

I wasn't playing the drums myself, but I was deciding when the bass and snare would be hit, where the hi-hat would open, and making the bass line respond to that; I was changing all those things at will, so I would say definitely the fact that every part is done according to my own idiosyncratic tastes, with timing that feels good to me. In the band, I was playing guitar and singing, and things would develop based on what kind of bass and drums came back at me, and then the recording would be mixed by (You) Ishihara. So this time there's quite a degree of purity, I guess—I think it's like a concentrated essence of me (lol). Whether that's good or bad is another story.

So it's an album that came not from the influence of some input, but from all your own controlled outputs, huh.

Hm, yeah. But, it's not the case that I broke up the band because I wanted to do this. More like there was no one else around, so there was nothing else to do but do it myself.

So was it the case that you felt some pressure to do something by yourself?

Rather than pressure, I had this feeling that if I could create something that I could accept and then everyone was disappointed, I wouldn't take it personally. Something that would pass my own standards...well, if I couldn't manage to do that I just wouldn't release it (lol).

When about did the plan for the album come together?

Before all the tracks were set, I had the feel of the songs with the congas in and everything, so I went from there.

If the period you were making the album was from late last year to this fall, that means right in the middle was the earthquake. Was there anything that changed as a result of that?

Well I think it had some effect on the lyrics, but the feel and direction did not change due to the earthquake.

So you mentioned lyrics. For example, I think "Dancing with Pain"  could be taken as you singing about having a wounded heart after the disaster, but I think it could be taken as a love song.

This actually goes for everything, but I end up feeling like even songs made as love songs might have that meaning as well. And I don't think that's limited to my songs. In songs where there's a blank space for the listener's imagination to fill, I have the feeling that since the earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident, thoughts of those events (how can they not get entangled) have been on the rise.

So you're saying more than the artists putting it out there that it's the listeners who end up thinking that way?

Actually, I think there are other songs besides just the one previously mentioned, "Dancing with Pain" where I can't deny an influence.

But it's not like you're putting those parts in as a message?

I think if I were to mention a song, the lyrics of which I want to hear right now, it would not be one where they're about forgetting reality, or about a dream that has nothing to do with reality, or something disconnected from reality; I don't want to listen to songs to escape. But still, I also don't want to be forced to listen to how awful things are all over again. Don't you have that feeling where even in the midst of something like despair, you want listening to music to be fun? When it comes to what lyrics are most fitting at those times, that's kind of how I think about it.  When I listen to—I guess, positive songs, like about doing your best and working together, it's just the opposite—I end up getting depressed. But I also hate pretending like nothing happened.

I have one more thing on lyrics… "In a Phantom Mood" which you brought out as your first single, I read too much into it and felt maybe you were maybe implying a declaration that you're going solo. Kind of like, "What should I do with this newfound freedom?"

That's not the case; it's more a song about how to make a compromise with your despair and continue living—despair…or maybe I should say the whole of society… The song touches on how we do what we can do, but at the point where I decide to do music, what should I sing about?

What about the album title, "How to Live with a Phantom?"

I also thought maybe the first track's title would be a good album title but…I guess if I did that it would be just saying the same thing over again.

By the way, what made you decide to make your own label?

I guess I don't really have a good way to explain it except as a natural course of events. I thought maybe it would be good if I did it myself.

Also, the first printing seems to come with an instrumental album?

The instrumental is really just a mixed down version. And it's kind of weirdly good. The backing vocals are still there, but the main vocals are taken out. Since I thought the backing vocals on their own were actually a really good amount, I was thinking I'd like to release it, but selling that (the instrumental) on its own would not quite cut it. So I released it as an extra.

Wouldn't live performance in this format be practically impossible? I guess you could do it if you found a bassist, but are there no plans for concerts?

Hmm, I kinda think it's ok to not do them until the feeling that I spontaneously want to arises.

So at this point what comes more natural is doing recordings?

Or I might just say that I haven't actually thought about it at all. I was concentrating on finishing up the album I had in front of me and the rest would just happen as it would. It's already done, so…

Title: How to Live with a Phantom
Artist: Shintaro Sakamoto

On sale November 18th, the long-awaited first solo album. Several guest artists participated, but besides guitar, he did bass, keys—almost everything himself, so it really is a "solo" album. Hip gaps and exquisite omissions in a casual groove make up this strange brand of pop. The first printing comes with an instrumental disk.

Shintaro Sakamoto

Born in Osaka on September 9th, 1967. In 1989, he started singing and playing guitar in the rock band Yura Yura Teikoku. Over the course of 21 years they put out three cassette tapes, 10 studio albums, a mini album, two live albums, a remix album, and two best of albums. In 2006, the art book "Shintaro Sakamoto Artworks 1994-2006" was released. Yura Yura Teikoku broke up in 2010. After that, a two-part DVD box was released. Sakamoto wrote three songs for salyuxsalyu 「s(o)un(d)beams」in 2011. He also started a solo project under his own label, zelone records. The highly anticipated album was released in November 2011.


The highlights designate parts that I'm either hesitant about or that were really hard. Not that there aren't other hazy or difficult bits, but these were the ones that really stuck out as "Hrm, not sure if I really got that..." Really the thing is that my understanding of the Japanese has to improve. I presented the last highlighted bit to some Japanese friends (in Japanese; they are translators in a way, since we're working on the same volunteer translation project) and they were not really sure what to make of it either, although their advice was still helpful.

Anyways, it would be great if I could just put this in a file somewhere and forget about it, but I have to put it up whether it's awesome or not because that is the point of this blog, to share my practice nonsense and mayyyyyybe get feedback if someone has time to leave constructive comments. Also I mean, even if my translation is not that great (I have no delusions!) you can get an idea of where Sakamoto is coming from, which is perhaps worthwhile...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

私鉄沿線 ー 野口五郎

Perhaps you have missed Goro Noguchi. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaave.

Along a Private Railway Line - Goro Noguchi

There you were by the exit
always waiting for me
I loved getting off the train
and looking for you
I locked the sadness in my heart
and the flowers at the flower shop changed.
Won't you please have some hot coffee with me
once more in my part of town?
Someone there asked, [1]
"How are you doing?"

I write about you on the message board [2]
and go home
Perhaps if I search my memories
It'll be as if you've returned to this part of town [3]
I guess our love is over? [4]
The season has also changed.
When you visited
you were always cleaning my room [5]
I don't know either
"How are you doing?"

The lights will probably come on soon
in this district busy with shoppers
Today I'm going to avoid the crowd again
and just go home, all alone
Unable to leave this town [6]
I await your return


[1] I changed this line out of passive voice and added the "someone" subject. In a way it's better because it preserves the vagueness of who is being asked? Maybe it's not vague to a native speaker. Well.

[2] UPDATE: YOU GUYS, I SAW THIS MOVIE, AND IN THIS MOVIE THERE ARE ACTUAL MESSAGE BOARDS, CHALK BOARDS, OUTSIDE TRAIN STATIONS THAT YOU CAN LEAVE MESSAGES ON. The second I saw it I was like WHOOOAAAAA. Original Note: Yeah sorry, I dunno what else to say here. Anyone know what this is actually referring to in 1975?

[3] Pretty pleased with myself for changing the tense of 来る. This is more natural English, right?

[4] T_T

[5] Feel like I smoothed this out a little bit in a good way? Also, wow this line lol Can't tell if I should find it cute or what.

[6] Out of the various ways this could have gone I felt like this sort of blunt way seemed the best translation. I dunno. I thought about going more dramatic with "unable to escape" but I don't think that nuance is in the original really? I'm not entirely sure I got it right to begin with, but it does make sense in context....

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I've liked this song for a while, but never tried to translate it. Kind of harder than I anticipated.

Solid Slider - Tatsuro Yamashita

In the stillness of the night
In the stillness of the night
I'm well hidden [1]

Keeping an eye out
from within this
tense tense [2]

One thing I say to myself
"This is it"

My eyes are dry I've hunted
him down [3]


The knife glints
The knife glints
Illuminated by the moon

One thing I say to myself
"This is it"

In a heartbeat [4]
In a heartbeat
I can kill him


[1] This is weak, but I don't want to say "under cover" because that has other connotations that would be unavoidable here. I don't see him as creeping, more like lying in wait. Maybe I should just say that...

[2] This is also weak. 気配の中 seems to be used mostly to describe a day where the change of seasons is starting to gel.

[3] More weak nonsense lol. But I'm not gonna say "hunted down his heart" or "cornered his chest." I considered it! And then I considered it awk as hell lol

[4] I'm glad I googled some more. Basically this just means "really quickly" (and/or without pause). I thought about "in no time" and some other non-set phrases, but then I kind of liked "heartbeat" because it brings back the chest reference that I was unable to get to work for above.

Not sure if it's just my admittedly still wonky translation or if this song just really does fall kinda flat in English. Hrm hrm.

"Music Moral Keepers" Manga

CR readers probably already saw, but in case you missed it, I translated the Japan Association of Music Enterprises' manga about why illegal uploading and downloading is bad.

Then I joked (more like angsted) with my editor that pretty soon I will have to distance myself from the "Wonky" thing, lol(sob).

Friday, August 10, 2012

おやすみ ー きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

Moving backwards through the album...

Good Night - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

The good times, right, they go by so fast, but
Let's get together again soon, everyone—for sure!
Thanks With a heart full of memories [1]
I'll say good night for today

This story has come to an end Close the book
Close your eyes and let's float in the night sky
If you wake up with the sun
Remember what happened today C'mon, smile!

A pretty box When you open a present
If the wrapping sparkles, you'll sleep soundly

Ding dong the park's closing chime rings out. I'm sad but
I'm sure we'll meet again in our dreams
Thanks With a heart full of memories
I'll say good night for today

A pretty box When you open a present
If the wrapping sparkles, you'll sleep soundly

We'll sleep soundly
We'll sleep soundly


[1] "heart full of memories" is kind of tidy compared to たくさん思い出胸にかかえたまま but I think it does it decent justice.

幽霊の気分で ー 坂本慎太郎

Was looking absentmindedly at blog stats and noticed lots of people seem to like Shintaro Sakamoto. WELL, so I do. Here is the first track off his recent solo album:

In a Phantom Mood [1]

I died on a wide street. Wandered in on purpose. [2]
I want to melt into the scenery [3]
Hum a melody to a far away friend
and send it on a gentle breeze

So where should I go? What should I be?
In a phantom mood
So what should I do? What should I be?
With my transparent body

I flew where I wanted, along a dark road
Threw away everything in my bag
Old textbooks, manga, my name, keys, and address
My games and my drawings, threw them all away

So where should I go? What should I be?
In a phantom mood
So what should I do? What should I be?
With my transparent body

So where should I go? What should I be?
In a phantom mood
So what should I do? What should I be?
With my transparent body

I flew where I wanted
Melted into the scenery
I flew where I wanted
Melted into the scenery


[1] This is the official English title of the song, so I didn't mess with it.

[2] First line was the hardest line to translate! I dunno if I did it right. を死ぬ does not make sense to me. I tried to look it up. If anyone has advice... The second part of the line, too; the context is not entirely clear to me, but I read this whole line as basically, "I committed suicide in traffic today by wandering into the street on purpose." Could be wrong D:

[3] みせる in this case seems unnecessary to translate literally... It's not about "showing" or faking it. This dictionary example sentence informed my decision: "できるだけ若く見せる|make oneself look as young as possible"

Thursday, August 9, 2012

ちゃんちゃんちゃんちゃん ー きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

I skipped ahead in the KPP album because I need to get some advice :P Here is the last song off Pamyu Pamyu Revolution...

Chan Chaka Chan Chan - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu [1]

Chan chaka chan chan
We'll be able to meet again. It's not "good-bye" but "see you next time."
I DON'T WANNA GO HOME I just wanna argue for argument's sake
Do re mi fa so la ti so SEE YOU NEXT TIME


Should we head home? Should we head home? Should we hurry home?
Dad's pooped out and sleeping on the bench [2]
Let's get in the car and go home
I'll sleep peacefully in the backseat
Mumble mumble mumble mumble
Mumble mumble mumble mumble
'n I have school tomorrow
so I'll set the alarm for 7 AM

1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2
1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2

One twooo one twooo one twooo one twooo
One twooo one twooo one twooo one twooo


[1] As far as I know this is just cute nonsense, so I left it.
[2] I used "pooped out" not because the verb was different than the normal "tired" but because she said おとうちゃん. I dunno if that is a legitimate strategy or not, but it came immediately to mind. Kind of interesting.

I like how this song quotes other songs on the album. It's really like the closing credits :)

相合傘 ー はっぴいえんど

Haven't tackled a Happy End song in a long time...

Sharing an Umbrella

Always passing showers
Always passing showers
This town, that town
No matter what path we take, it's quiet [1]
Always passing showers
Always passing showers
The husk tomatoes are getting soggy
Walking along, sharing an umbrella
If the sun came up
we'd have to part
Rain, rain some more
Walking along, sharing an umbrella

If it rains tomorrow
If it rains tomorrow
This kid, that kid
I'm broke too
If it rains tomorrow
If it rains tomorrow
The husk tomatoes will get soggy
Looking forward to sharing an umbrella
Walking slowly
We have to be carefree
We'll rest tomorrow
Looking forward to sharing an umbrella
The path is quiet
I'm broke
We'll rest tomorrow

I love you [2]
I love you
Mr. Sun sparkles [3]
in the sunny sky
I love you
I love you

Giggling cheek to cheek
Walking along, sharing an umbrella
Even if the sun comes out
we won't part
Giggling cheek to cheek
Walking along, sharing an umbrella
The path is quiet
I'm broke
We'll rest tomorrow
Looking forward to sharing an umbrella
The path is quiet
I'm broke
The path is quiet
I'm broke


[1] 路地はひっそり閑 is the hardest line to translate, and it recurs...
[2] Wish I could think of a better way to say this. Considered "Love ya" but that's not really it...
[3] おてんと様!Haha, I was happy to learn this.

I like that this is kind of a jumble of impressions, but it's interesting how the husk tomato image gets dropped half-way through while the quiet path and lack of money carry through.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kyary Kyary Pamyu Conspiracy Manga Translation

For those of you in range of Crunchyroll News, I have not been writing much lately, but I did translate this kooky comic that suggests Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is part of an Illuminati attempt at world domination through brainwashing. READ IT!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Candy Candy - きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

Sorry I'm being pokey. Final exams and what not. Actually I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now.

Here's my translation of "Candy Candy." It's fairly liberal for me. I'm working on improving the feel of my English because really there should be no difference between English that is written as a translation and English that is just...written.

Candy Candy - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

In my desk, in my pocket, and in my bag, too
I always have it, I never forget Should we pick something out?
A little tiny smidge of happiness is born
Floof, a sweetened atmosphere I bet we can make it through this without getting all worked up


This and that and that over there, everybody's so wonderful, I want to fall under your spell
I don't have any time to be listening to your requests!
Cuz no, I'm a girl and right now is an important time
Floof, a sweetened atmosphere I bet we can make it through this without getting all worked up

The only note I really feel like leaving here is that before paying attention to the video/reading the lyrics I thought "Girls Love" sounded a lot like "Gum Drop." I guess in Japanese the difference between ラブ and ドロップ is a significant amount of syllables, but I thought she was just using natural English pronunciation. The words certainly would have fit the song...

If somebody has any questions or criticism, the comment section is open :P

Monday, July 2, 2012

きゃりーANAN ー きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

Ya, I kinda like this song. And no, I don't think it has anything to do with bean paste (餡).

Kyary ANAN - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

An an a-an an
Pamyu pamyu
An an a-an an
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

We work! Dreaming
Today and tomorrow we got our part-time jobs Let's do our best, ok? [1]
I want this and that Let's get to work [2]
This week and next week Let's do our best, ok?


[1] "We got our part-time jobs" is kinda of clunky, but the feel of バイト vs regular 仕事 or whatever is really different and seems important to the spirit of the song. You can imagine her/them working at a fast food joint or a record shop or a bar maybe, but not office?

[2] 働こ is a shortened form of 働こう which just means, "Let's work" but that is clunky in a whole different way, so I embellished.

みんなのうた ー きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

I'm worried this translation is a little stiff, especially in the last verse. I'd like to think the reason is that I prioritized parallel structure, but you can feel free to disagree.

Everyone's Song - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu [1]

Put your hands up, put your hands up, open your hands, open your hands
Clap clap…

Just by clapping your hands, your mood will brighten
Let's match the rhythm Everyone let's make a circle and clap

Look, it's simple. You don't have to think about anything.
It would be great if we all started smiling via the power of music
Just by clapping your hands, your mood will brighten
Let's match the rhythm Everyone let's make a circle and clap

Finally, finally, I get it!
I want to forget all the things I hate
Surely, surely, I'll start smiling [2]
Always, Always, I want to do as I please [3]


[1] You could also opt to not translate this and just say Minna no Uta.
[2] If I wanted to break the structure: "I know I'll start smiling"
[3] Was tempted to go with "I just wanna do my thing forever" but I'm not sure if わがままcan extend to cover that somewhat positive meaning, haha.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

CORRECTED: つけまつける - きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

This is a (keyword "a") corrected translation of "Tsukematsukeru" using the lyrics from the liner notes in Pamyu Pamyu Revolution. You can see all the ways I messed up by opening this in another browser and comparing. Not that I'm claiming it's perfect now...just more, uh, perfectly wonky.

Wearing Fake Eyelashes - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

tsukematsukema tsukematsukeru
pachi pachi tsukematsukete
to came up to came up [1a]
kawaii no tsukematsukeru

Fake eyelashes 
blink blink put them on
Coming up Coming up 

so cute I'll put them on [1b]

ii na ii na sore ii na
patchiri patchiri sore ii na
ii na ii na sore ii na
kibun mo ue wo muku

So cool so cool that's so cool 
Wide open eyes that's so cool
So cool so cool that's so cool 

My mood will improve too [2]

tsukeru TAIPU no mahou da yo
jishin wo mi no tsukete mieru sekai mo kawaru ka na

doo doo doo doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo 
it's a type of magic you can wear
If you learn self confidence, it might be that the world you see changes too

onaji sora ga dou mieru ka wa kokoro mo kakudo shidai da kara

How you see the same old sky depends on the angle of your heart, so [3]

samishii kao wo shita chiisa na otoko no ko
henshin BERUTO wo mi ni tsukete egao ni kawaru ka na

A little boy with a sad look on his face [4]
If he puts on a transformation belt, I wonder if that sad look will turn into a smile

onna no ko ni mo aru tsukeru TAIPU no mahou da yo
jishin wo mi ni tsukete mieru sekai mo kawaru ka na

There's a type of magic girls can wear as well
If you learn self confidence, it might be that the world you see changes too

onaji sora ga dou mieru ka wa kokoro mo kakudo shidai da kara

How you see the same old sky depends on the angle of your heart, so

tsukematsukema tsukematsukeru
pachi pachi tsukematsukete
to came up to came up

pachi pachi tsukematsukeru no
Fake eyelashes blink blink put them on
Coming up Coming up I'll put them on 

Blink blink I'll put them on

patchiri pachi pa omeme no GIRL
pachipachi tsukematsukete
tsukematsukema tsukematsukeru

kawaii no tsukematsukeru

Girl with wide open eyes [5]

Fake eyelashes
Blink blink put them on
So cute I'll put them on


[1a] What...the...hell is this supposed to mean?

[1b] Artistic liberties taken.

[2] Changed this slightly from old version even though my listening comprehension was not off.

[3] I misheard this line when I originally translated this song. "angle of your heart" is not English, but I kind of like the way it sounds in a creative sense... Said "same old" because "same" alone did not seem to carry the correct connotation...

[4] Also edited this line slightly just to make it sound more natural.

[5] This was that word I could not figure out. おめめ is baby talk for 目. As far as I know, there is no baby talk for "eyes" in English...

If you haven't yet, I recommend checking out the original notes. I'm gonna try to work through the rest of the album consistently this week.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

愛さずにいられない ー 野口五郎

Goro Noguchi twofer today. Here are the Japanese lyrics.

God this song is so cool haha.

I Can't Exist Without Loving You - Goro Noguchi

It's all right [1]
Don't speak of your troubled past and whatnot
What good does it do to live
hanging your head in shame?

If you love me
Then abandon everything and come to me [2]
I think your wounded heart
will heal someday

Even if they are pointing at us, [3]
making up horrible rumors [4]
I'll hold you, hold you tightly
I can't exist without loving you

You're always saying
"Forgive me"
but I don't want to hear you [5]
say things like that ever again

Why are your eyes
so sorrowful
when you're getting a kiss
that burns like fire? [6]

No matter what hardships come
we'll withstand them, I swear [7]
I'll hold you, hold you tightly
I can't exist without loving you


[1] I...think this is what we would say in this instance of だからもう. It's more commonly "I've had enough" or something like that, but he's not pissed at her, really, so.

[2] I improvised the "to me" cuz just saying "come" does not anything.

[3] It's not 誰か but 誰, so that is a little jarring. I don't know if it's just cuz it's a song or if there is specific meaning here. So I went with the anonymous mob of "they."

[4] Lit. "evil rumors" which I guess I could have also said, but...

[5] So the grammar here is kind of wonky in its own right lol You usually use a negative verb with 二度と. Literally it's something like, "[Do me a favor and] quit words like that ever again." Haha that is how weird the grammar is. But I think the way I said in English is better and again I think emphasizing the くれ makes him sound mad when really he is just frustrated and lovey.

[6] Lame, but it's what the song says lol could say "receiving a kiss" but that seems even more awkward. I thought about saying, "when you're being kissed" but then it's hard to add the simile on.

[7] First put "I'll" but I guess they have to do it together or it won't work out.

美しすぎて ー 野口五郎

K I realized if I'm gonna do the 'so-called' relaunch that I should actually post, so here is another Goro Noguchi track. 

Too Beautiful - Goro Noguchi

Too beautiful, you're frightening
Too beautiful, love is frightening
Why did you show up around here [1]
at a time like this?
What are you waiting for, batting your eyelashes?
What are you doing, turning your back to me? [2]
Why must you torment [3]
my soul so much? [4]

Don't mess up my heart
It'll only bring you bad luck
Don't make me cry
It's seems like there's gonna be some trouble [5]

Too beautiful, you're frightening
Too beautiful, love is frightening
Why did you show up around here
at a time like this?
Where are you going barefoot?
What do you see in the mirror?
Why must you crush
my dreams so much?


[1] Executive decision, heh. Literally it's "near me." At first I had, "Why did you appear near me at a time like this?" I guess I could have put "Why did you appear to me at a time like this?" but...I'm not sure if that's the right nuance. Could consider editing this again.

[2] Or is it, "What will you do when I turn my back?" Could not decide.

[3] The "must" isn't literal but I think the tone is right in English?

[4] "so much" could also be "like this" but I felt like the も changes it maybe.

[5] This seems like a weak effort. I thought about saying, "It seems like we're gonna do something we'll regret," or "It seems like we're gonna make a mistake," but she is not sharing his fear. Also, the subject in the original is the actual event (which could be literally translated as "improper conduct" but I'm not gonna put "It seems like some improper conduct will occur," no way lol)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Relaunch! Welcome to Kashibashi.

Hello. Kind of having a heart attack about whether this was a bad idea or not, but I changed the title of this blog to reflect the fact that I don't really post anything besides song lyrics.

歌詞 - lyrics

橋 - bridge


I think it's catchy, so I hope you like it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

青い日曜日 ー 野口五郎

Not feeling particularly blue today, actually, but I put on an A Side Collection and this song stuck out. 

Blue Sunday - Goro Noguchi

A lonely Sunday where I don't want to do anything
I won't play guitar and I have no use for songs [1]
Alone in my room I stare at the wall
I want to cry but
you don't know this side of me
and that, that is the saddest thing

What should I do alone on Sunday
The phone doesn't ring and I can't read a book [2]
I quietly unlock the door
and go out without telling anyone
I got in the bus, now let's go somewhere
I'll go to find you, to find you, no matter where you are [3]

La la la…la la la


[1] いらない "don't need" sounds awkward though.
[2] I debated using "can't concentrate" since I don't think he's actually illiterate, but...#shrug
[3] 何処までも LMAO I think I do post-grad research on how that phrase is translated.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

オレンジの雨 ー 野口五郎

It's raining again today, so I went looking for a rain song. Found one! D:

Orange Rain - Gorō Noguchi

That kind of thing is not inconsequential
I'm not gonna love you forever
If we're together [1]
drenched in orange rain, you could call it playing with fire
we'll burn up for just that moment
love is always fickle

It's ok to love like crazy
To scream you want to die
We'll have an orange dream at daybreak
From off somewhere, a farewell bell [2]
We'll go running to catch it [3]
Love always wants to cool off

If it's the two of us
drenched in orange rain, you could call it playing with fire
we'll burn up for just that moment
love is always fickle


[1] I originally had this as "If it's the two of us" like "This doesn't happen with anybody" but I don't know if that nuance was actually intended or not. Probably not if, with such a fickle hearrrrt. Anyhow so I just changed it. 

[2] More literally this is "From somewhere creeps a farewell bell" but that seems awk in English. I get that it's probably slipping through the window with the morning sun or something, but.

[3]  This grammar through me a little...was hard to look up so I kinda winged it.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

ビュンビュン ー 外道

Found this band today and so far this is the coolest song by them that I have heard.

Zoom Zoom - Gedou

Rocking the devil's coat of arms our backs [1]
(zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom-zoom zoom)
We race from darkness to darkness
(zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom-zoom zoom)
Cuz we're not scared to die [2]
Go! Going my way

Worn leather jacket and a pompadour
(zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom-zoom zoom)
My rad speed machine [3]
(zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom-zoom zoom)
Put that cute chick on the back [4]
OK Baby go go go

Chase the setting sun to the ends of the earth [5]
(zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom-zoom zoom)
Run run runnin'
(zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom-zoom zoom)
Cuz me 'n the setting suns are friends
Go! going my way

[1] 外道 can be translated a lot of ways, but I went with "devil" in this case. "Rocking" is pretty liberal, obviously.
[2] 命しらず is a great word but I'm not sure if there's an equivalent idiom. I feel like there is. Kind of on the tip of my tongue but I can't find it. OH maybe I should say "We laugh in the face of death." I feel like that is kind of similar. It's actually not similar at all haha but I mean the tone...the feeling seems right maybe. I dunno. I'll leave it for now.
[3] "rad" is not literal at all. I want to say something like "My pride, my speed machine" cuz you can say life, and people know you are not talking about your pride AND your speed machine, but that your speed machine IS your pride, but somehow I'm not confident it comes across in song lyrics like this...
[4] After consulting this I nearly went with "bitch" but decided that "chick" is probably insulting enough of a a nuance? Would be interesting to hear more about this slang haha.
[5] Every song I translate from now on apparently has to have どこまでも in it, and I will translate it differently every time -________-

Friday, April 27, 2012

ヘビーローテーション - AKB48

The only AKB song to ever get in my head. Only, it gets in my head just about everyday lately...

Heavy Rotation - AKB48

I want you!
I need you!
I love you!
In my head
The pounding music
Heavy rotation

Popping corn
The characters for "I like you" are written in a jumble [1]
Just thinking of
Your face, your voice
I can't sit still

To feel this way
I'm lucky, huh!

I want you!
I need you!
I love you!
Getting closer to
When I can meet you
MAX high tension

I want you!
I need you!
I love you!
In my heart
The love will never stop overflowing
Heavy rotation

How many times
Will someone be in love
During their life, I wonder?
I'll be satisfied
If I can have just one
That I'll never forget

Will something blossom
When I feel that heart throb?

I feel you!
I touch you!
I hold you!
In my dreams
It gets bigger and bigger
My imagination

I feel you!
I touch you!
I hold you!
I wanna tell you how I feel
So bad
Heavy rotation

My favorite song
I always listen to
Just like that song
On repeat
For 24 hours
I'm only requesting you

I want you!
I need you!
I love you!
Getting closer to
When I can meet you
MAX high tension

I want you!
I need you!
I love you!
In my heart
The love will never stop overflowing
Heavy rotation

Heavy rotation


[1] Not that this is the only hesitation point, but I was tempted to say "jump off the page" or "jump out at me" but the dictionary mentioned that 踊る could be used to say that words are written messily. So I'm really not sure on this line.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hello I Love You - Okamoto's

 Got this song in my head today when the Internet came on in my house. Good day! Good song!

Hello I Love You - Okamoto's

A boy is chasing a dream and a ball
His big brother is off chasing some girl's butt

A salaryman in a suit being rocked in a crowded train, clickity-clack
Whether you're laughing or crying, you only get one shot [1]
A tough spot is the beginning of an opportunity [2]

If you take the first step, everything is yours
The first step, then another big step
Hello, hello I love you

A CEO who just finished reading the newspaper on the top floor of his building
Heroes often show up late
Wanting to be admired by someone [3]

If you take the first step, everything is yours
The first step, then another big step
Hello, hello I love you

The first step, it goes on day by day
Everyday anew
like this till forever [4]
Hello, hello I love you


[1] Sorry, I sort of made up the "whether" part of this, but I had a hunch. Hope it was right lol
[2] Didn't really feel like a "chance" begins in English. "Opportunity" felt more like it could...
[3] This line took a while, but I realized if you read it as the front of the previous line (or middle, whatever) then it sort of made!
[4] Took a bold step there. Uhhh that どこまでも is a really tricky thing.


風の世界 ー シュガーベイブ

I read these lyrics the other day, but didn't have Internet so I couldn't post them. I don't really know if I interpreted it right. Lyrics are so tricky! I should try to do more Wikipedia sometime...

Land of the Wind [1]

You came to visit lonely me
like the wind [2]
You steal through my open window
with the evening shadows and swirl around [3]

Your heart remains locked up tight [4]
so no one can peek in

I'm sent flying, blown away
all over this vacant district [5]

Such a short song but it's actually really hard haha.


[1] 世界 is "world" but that "World of the Wind" doesn't sound right in English.

[2] Calling someone "the wind" seems awkward. Almost went with, "You, the wind, came to visit lonely me" but...

[3] "swirl" is not really right. What is the right word? I can imagine the action and the emotion maybe, even, but not the English word that is the best translation D:

[4] Whose heart? His! I think! But...could be her own. I want to say I left it because the subject started out as him, but then I changed it in the last part to her anyhow so keeping the subject consistent can't really be the reason...ha.

[5] どこまでも seemed awkward here. I was not sure what to make of it. Then again "vacant district" is also awkward. Just wasn't sure if I could get away with "deserted hood" because it seemed a little different... Also I wasn't sure if the nuance was meant to be more like "hollow" like "lacking in substance" because of the way the neighborhood is or something. In that case maybe "empty" is better. I really don't know. Sometimes I dunno why I bother trying lol.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

100ワット恋人 ー 鈴木茂


100 Watt Lover - Shigeru Suzuki

I checked out my reflection in the spring window [1]
Of course I'm wearing a nice suit
I came five minutes late on purpose
So how come you
made me wait 25 minutes?

We wanted to talk so bad
You speak fast like a machine gun
Talking about how cool Shoken is [2]
Your cheeks flush, enchanted
You see my face and remember yourself [3]

The sweater you handed me as we were parting
It turned to spring while you were knitting
Us two continue living shoulder to shoulder [4]
You're not my sunshine or anything but
you're a bright 100 watt lightbulb


[1] This is loose, but 映ってみる is a weird phrasing kinda?
[2] This guy, which is great, cuz it's more music for me to check out.
[3] Those two lines are kind of hard...I think I got it more or less right? "Remember yourself" is sort of stuffy English phrasing, but better than "come back to yourself" or something...?
[4] そんなふたり couldn't really be anyone else and the rest of the song seemed to be in first person. I think it's just like こんな僕? maybe? I dunno. "Shoulder to shoulder" is awkward but..."together" is not really correct or anything either so.

God this song is so good.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

微熱少年 ー 鈴木茂

Kid with a Fever - Shigeru Suzuki

On a rainy afternoon I take my temperature
The grain of the ceiling's wood slowly sways and dissolves
A kid in a baseball cap taps on the window glass
A marble shattered by a rock scatters across the sky [1]
Hey, that can't be real
A streetcar floats towards the Milky Way

The sound of a distant train echoes from alley to alley
If I wake up, night has snuck up on the empty room
Hey, that can't be real
A street card floats towards the Milky Way


[1] The grammar, esp the は, is pretty mysterious to me, but the meaning seems clear somehow?

八月の匂い ー 鈴木茂

Here's the second one off that same album (Band Wagon).

Scent of August - Shigeru Suzuki

Standing at a country trains station, chillin' in the shadows [1]
I watch as you finish off your Ramune
"Futile, huh" The nape of "Lonely, huh" your neck [2]
"Cool, huh" runs in a "Futile, huh" straight line
"Lonely, huh" Cold sweat
You press the empty blue Ramune bottle against your sunburned skin [3]
You laugh, "Ah, it's cold!"

Basking in the fading sunlight, I would be able to see your swaying chest
from fifty miles away [4]
"Futile, huh" My left "Lonely, huh" pinky
"Cool, huh" hurts "Futile, huh" Your
"Lonely, huh" teeth marks

In a scuffed up passenger car, if you sit down and let yourself go
the electric current between colliding knees [5]
"Futile, huh" Caught up in"Lonely, huh" the scenery
"Cool, huh" flying by
"Futile, huh" Our two "Lonely, huh" smiles
"Cool, huh" fade [6]


[1] Not literally "chillin'" obviously, but it seemed to fit the context...?
[2] Don't know what other nape that would be. Also translated ね to 'huh' since I thought it fit and should be different than the word without the ね.
[3] At first I thought she was doing it to him, but in the second verse he does not seem to be close to her...
[4] Not sure if I got this right and not sure how to go about 'looking up' the grammar involved.
[5] There are other words you could use, but I kind of like the drama of 'colliding' with the drama of 'electric current.'
[6] Smiles don't 'crumble' in English, do they?

砂の女 ー 鈴木茂

Been listening to hella Shigeru Suzuki lately. This song always puts me on another planet.

Woman of the Sand - Shigeru Suzuki

The snow mingling with the wind falls on the beach
The waves roar like thunder [1]
"It's the landscape you like." You... [2]
whisper that and avert your eyes as if you're lonely
Quit fooling' around

Following your careless glance
I'm so irritated, caught in a vortex
"If you have something to say, hurry up." You…
murmur that and your look hardens
Quit fooling' around

I'm tormented by grains of sand like needles
I hold you to protect you and we go back to the city [3]


[1] Literally "lightning" but lightning doesn't roar, so.
[2] Quotes are placed as I interpreted...uh.
[3] Not sure I'm satisfied with this line, but

Monday, March 19, 2012

SHOW - シュガーベイブ

Here's a quick translation of the lyrics to this groovy good mood song :) Japanese.


When you get tired of the talking
someone starts to sing
The shine of neon
It's the beginning of a wonderful show

I'll take you out on the town [1]
I'll whisper love in your ear
I've got time
I'm in the highest of spirits
Let's start singing
the ease of the moment [2]


[1] Was not sure what to make of volitional in this case.
[2] 安らぎ is kind of a pain. I don't think peace or tranquility nail the happy feeling of running around a city with neon lights 'n seeing a show? Not that 'ease' is quite it either, but...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

今日はなんだか - シュガーベイブ

Pretty sure I'll just be putting this on repeat for the rest of the day, haha. Japanese here.

Today, Somehow - SUGAR BABE [1]

Somehow today I have the feeling
even though you're far away [2]
I can hear your voice

Cuz somehow today
the morning fragrance [3]
smells a little better

At that moment your heart
got through to me
Wanna confide it? [4]
This helpless feeling [5]

Somehow today I have the feeling
that your heart
opened up a little bit


[1] Could hem and haw all day over how to translate なんだか but I think this way works?
[2] Added the "even though" because that's how it would be in English and they did that weird adjective with personal pronoun thing that we only do super rarely in English...
[3] I think I wrote this 16 ways and then got sick of it. Seems ok? "Aroma" was wonky. I tried a few times with "scent" but I wanted to use "smelled" even there wasn't literally a verb there.
[4] Trying to think of a way to say it without "shall" cuz that just doesn't sound fluent. I think "Wanna" works if you think of it in terms of being invited to go somewhere, but in this context it sounds like only one of the people in question feels helpless and I don't think that's the case...
[5] Kind of annoyed that I have to say "feeling" here as well, but "emotion" sounds dumb.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

君はそう決めた - 坂本慎太郎

Well I didn't know Shintaro Sakamoto had a solo album.

But now I do. This is probably the best track on it (although I want to look for lyrics to others, too.)

You Just Decided - Shintaro Sakamoto [1]

You're attempting to do something on your own
You're trying to feel pleasure, plain
You want to be in love, to fight
You woke up today and just decided

At times you want to try to shed tears
To try to scream so loud the windows break
You want to dance, to jump
Worn out, you opened the door
and suddenly left

You live in this city Doing your homework
And getting excited about simple lies [2]
Morning comes, night comes, and morning turns into night again
Morning comes again, night comes again, morning…

You want to be in love, to fight
You woke up today, opened the door
and suddenly left

You live in this city Watching people go by
And trying to be apathetic at a critical juncture [3] [Updated]
Morning comes, night comes, and morning turns into night again
Morning comes again, night comes again, morning…

You just decided suddenly
You just decided suddenly
You just decided suddenly
You just decided suddenly


[1] This is the official English title of the song, so I didn't mess with it. It also influenced translation where the phrase was used in the song.

[2] and [3] seem like some of the most meaningful lines in the song, I guess since they are the most unique. But they are also the hardest to translate...because so much depends on what you read into the context.

[3] was the hardest line. I don't know, but I feel like I may have finally gotten it? Or close? The particle was kind of messing me up, but...I dunno. I dunno. lol You listen to this song and then you don't know -_-

[Update] Dang so I read it wrong haha. It's not things it's a point. Sooooo. Now it makes me want to change those parts of the song to first person kind of. Ugh now it's really hard. Ugh. Ugh -_- I can't decide.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yūsuke Murata's Twitter Comic

Whoo, been a while since I posted here and that is sad, but the good news is that I'll be moving to Tokyo in THREE WEEKS and will maybe (?) have more time to practice translating. (Either that or I'll spend all my time doing home work...) Recently I took an recruiting company's translation test and got high marks, so that felt good, too. Even MORE recently, (aka JUST NOW), Mikikazu Komatsu, Joseph Luster, and I posted a translation of Yūsuke Murata's recently completed Hetappi Manga Kenkyuūjo R Twitter spin-off. (Murata is the artist on Eyeshield 21.)

The comic itself is awesome to behold, since it uses some spacial and lighting gimmicks to be a manga experience you can't get in a book or magazine. The translation was kind of tricky in a couple spots, but we got native approval from Komatsu, so I feel good about it! I even came up with a way to localize a visual [kanji] pun, so see what you think about that (if you find it).

Feel free to leave constructive comments on Crunchyroll!