Saturday, May 12, 2012

愛さずにいられない ー 野口五郎

Goro Noguchi twofer today. Here are the Japanese lyrics.

God this song is so cool haha.

I Can't Exist Without Loving You - Goro Noguchi

It's all right [1]
Don't speak of your troubled past and whatnot
What good does it do to live
hanging your head in shame?

If you love me
Then abandon everything and come to me [2]
I think your wounded heart
will heal someday

Even if they are pointing at us, [3]
making up horrible rumors [4]
I'll hold you, hold you tightly
I can't exist without loving you

You're always saying
"Forgive me"
but I don't want to hear you [5]
say things like that ever again

Why are your eyes
so sorrowful
when you're getting a kiss
that burns like fire? [6]

No matter what hardships come
we'll withstand them, I swear [7]
I'll hold you, hold you tightly
I can't exist without loving you


[1] I...think this is what we would say in this instance of だからもう. It's more commonly "I've had enough" or something like that, but he's not pissed at her, really, so.

[2] I improvised the "to me" cuz just saying "come" does not anything.

[3] It's not 誰か but 誰, so that is a little jarring. I don't know if it's just cuz it's a song or if there is specific meaning here. So I went with the anonymous mob of "they."

[4] Lit. "evil rumors" which I guess I could have also said, but...

[5] So the grammar here is kind of wonky in its own right lol You usually use a negative verb with 二度と. Literally it's something like, "[Do me a favor and] quit words like that ever again." Haha that is how weird the grammar is. But I think the way I said in English is better and again I think emphasizing the くれ makes him sound mad when really he is just frustrated and lovey.

[6] Lame, but it's what the song says lol could say "receiving a kiss" but that seems even more awkward. I thought about saying, "when you're being kissed" but then it's hard to add the simile on.

[7] First put "I'll" but I guess they have to do it together or it won't work out.

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