Tuesday, May 8, 2012

青い日曜日 ー 野口五郎

Not feeling particularly blue today, actually, but I put on an A Side Collection and this song stuck out. 

Blue Sunday - Goro Noguchi

A lonely Sunday where I don't want to do anything
I won't play guitar and I have no use for songs [1]
Alone in my room I stare at the wall
I want to cry but
you don't know this side of me
and that, that is the saddest thing

What should I do alone on Sunday
The phone doesn't ring and I can't read a book [2]
I quietly unlock the door
and go out without telling anyone
I got in the bus, now let's go somewhere
I'll go to find you, to find you, no matter where you are [3]

La la la…la la la


[1] いらない "don't need" sounds awkward though.
[2] I debated using "can't concentrate" since I don't think he's actually illiterate, but...#shrug
[3] 何処までも LMAO I think I do post-grad research on how that phrase is translated.

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