Saturday, April 28, 2012

ビュンビュン ー 外道

Found this band today and so far this is the coolest song by them that I have heard.

Zoom Zoom - Gedou

Rocking the devil's coat of arms our backs [1]
(zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom-zoom zoom)
We race from darkness to darkness
(zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom-zoom zoom)
Cuz we're not scared to die [2]
Go! Going my way

Worn leather jacket and a pompadour
(zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom-zoom zoom)
My rad speed machine [3]
(zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom-zoom zoom)
Put that cute chick on the back [4]
OK Baby go go go

Chase the setting sun to the ends of the earth [5]
(zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom-zoom zoom)
Run run runnin'
(zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom-zoom zoom)
Cuz me 'n the setting suns are friends
Go! going my way

[1] 外道 can be translated a lot of ways, but I went with "devil" in this case. "Rocking" is pretty liberal, obviously.
[2] 命しらず is a great word but I'm not sure if there's an equivalent idiom. I feel like there is. Kind of on the tip of my tongue but I can't find it. OH maybe I should say "We laugh in the face of death." I feel like that is kind of similar. It's actually not similar at all haha but I mean the tone...the feeling seems right maybe. I dunno. I'll leave it for now.
[3] "rad" is not literal at all. I want to say something like "My pride, my speed machine" cuz you can say life, and people know you are not talking about your pride AND your speed machine, but that your speed machine IS your pride, but somehow I'm not confident it comes across in song lyrics like this...
[4] After consulting this I nearly went with "bitch" but decided that "chick" is probably insulting enough of a a nuance? Would be interesting to hear more about this slang haha.
[5] Every song I translate from now on apparently has to have どこまでも in it, and I will translate it differently every time -________-

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