Sunday, April 1, 2012

100ワット恋人 ー 鈴木茂


100 Watt Lover - Shigeru Suzuki

I checked out my reflection in the spring window [1]
Of course I'm wearing a nice suit
I came five minutes late on purpose
So how come you
made me wait 25 minutes?

We wanted to talk so bad
You speak fast like a machine gun
Talking about how cool Shoken is [2]
Your cheeks flush, enchanted
You see my face and remember yourself [3]

The sweater you handed me as we were parting
It turned to spring while you were knitting
Us two continue living shoulder to shoulder [4]
You're not my sunshine or anything but
you're a bright 100 watt lightbulb


[1] This is loose, but 映ってみる is a weird phrasing kinda?
[2] This guy, which is great, cuz it's more music for me to check out.
[3] Those two lines are kind of hard...I think I got it more or less right? "Remember yourself" is sort of stuffy English phrasing, but better than "come back to yourself" or something...?
[4] そんなふたり couldn't really be anyone else and the rest of the song seemed to be in first person. I think it's just like こんな僕? maybe? I dunno. "Shoulder to shoulder" is awkward but..."together" is not really correct or anything either so.

God this song is so good.

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