Thursday, April 26, 2012

風の世界 ー シュガーベイブ

I read these lyrics the other day, but didn't have Internet so I couldn't post them. I don't really know if I interpreted it right. Lyrics are so tricky! I should try to do more Wikipedia sometime...

Land of the Wind [1]

You came to visit lonely me
like the wind [2]
You steal through my open window
with the evening shadows and swirl around [3]

Your heart remains locked up tight [4]
so no one can peek in

I'm sent flying, blown away
all over this vacant district [5]

Such a short song but it's actually really hard haha.


[1] 世界 is "world" but that "World of the Wind" doesn't sound right in English.

[2] Calling someone "the wind" seems awkward. Almost went with, "You, the wind, came to visit lonely me" but...

[3] "swirl" is not really right. What is the right word? I can imagine the action and the emotion maybe, even, but not the English word that is the best translation D:

[4] Whose heart? His! I think! But...could be her own. I want to say I left it because the subject started out as him, but then I changed it in the last part to her anyhow so keeping the subject consistent can't really be the reason...ha.

[5] どこまでも seemed awkward here. I was not sure what to make of it. Then again "vacant district" is also awkward. Just wasn't sure if I could get away with "deserted hood" because it seemed a little different... Also I wasn't sure if the nuance was meant to be more like "hollow" like "lacking in substance" because of the way the neighborhood is or something. In that case maybe "empty" is better. I really don't know. Sometimes I dunno why I bother trying lol.

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