Saturday, March 31, 2012

砂の女 ー 鈴木茂

Been listening to hella Shigeru Suzuki lately. This song always puts me on another planet.

Woman of the Sand - Shigeru Suzuki

The snow mingling with the wind falls on the beach
The waves roar like thunder [1]
"It's the landscape you like." You... [2]
whisper that and avert your eyes as if you're lonely
Quit fooling' around

Following your careless glance
I'm so irritated, caught in a vortex
"If you have something to say, hurry up." You…
murmur that and your look hardens
Quit fooling' around

I'm tormented by grains of sand like needles
I hold you to protect you and we go back to the city [3]


[1] Literally "lightning" but lightning doesn't roar, so.
[2] Quotes are placed as I interpreted...uh.
[3] Not sure I'm satisfied with this line, but

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