Saturday, March 31, 2012

八月の匂い ー 鈴木茂

Here's the second one off that same album (Band Wagon).

Scent of August - Shigeru Suzuki

Standing at a country trains station, chillin' in the shadows [1]
I watch as you finish off your Ramune
"Futile, huh" The nape of "Lonely, huh" your neck [2]
"Cool, huh" runs in a "Futile, huh" straight line
"Lonely, huh" Cold sweat
You press the empty blue Ramune bottle against your sunburned skin [3]
You laugh, "Ah, it's cold!"

Basking in the fading sunlight, I would be able to see your swaying chest
from fifty miles away [4]
"Futile, huh" My left "Lonely, huh" pinky
"Cool, huh" hurts "Futile, huh" Your
"Lonely, huh" teeth marks

In a scuffed up passenger car, if you sit down and let yourself go
the electric current between colliding knees [5]
"Futile, huh" Caught up in"Lonely, huh" the scenery
"Cool, huh" flying by
"Futile, huh" Our two "Lonely, huh" smiles
"Cool, huh" fade [6]


[1] Not literally "chillin'" obviously, but it seemed to fit the context...?
[2] Don't know what other nape that would be. Also translated ね to 'huh' since I thought it fit and should be different than the word without the ね.
[3] At first I thought she was doing it to him, but in the second verse he does not seem to be close to her...
[4] Not sure if I got this right and not sure how to go about 'looking up' the grammar involved.
[5] There are other words you could use, but I kind of like the drama of 'colliding' with the drama of 'electric current.'
[6] Smiles don't 'crumble' in English, do they?

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