Friday, September 7, 2012

燃えるハートで〜レッドリボン軍をやっつけろ〜 - Wonderland Gang

Was searching for Dragon Ball on YouTube randomly and found this song that happens to correspond to the arc I am reading right now!

With a Heart on Fire: Beat the Red Ribbon Army! - Wonderland Gang

In the city, in the wilderness, rushing in [1]
with an over-developed sense of entitlement—hell soldiers
On the wing of their flying machine blocking out the sky
is an ominously red ribbon, ribbon, ribbon [2]
Don't be frightened of this encroaching evil's power
You can't lose
No matter who the enemy, head for your dreams
with no fear, fighter [3]

Let's go, Red Ribbon
This is gonna be one heck of a thrilling struggle
You have a friend who will fight against their evil ambitions [4]
Beat'em, Red Ribbon
For the best future [5]
Awaken your wild side
Set your heart on fire, go fight!

Over the sea, in the desert, across the great plains [6]
the roaring devil's murderous weapons
Wound around the arms of
these fearless killers: red ribbon, ribbon, ribbon
Yes, that's right—in anyone's heart lies
the bravery to protect their love
Believe in the intense bonds you have formed [7]
and outrun the wind, fighter!

Let's go, Red Ribbon
It's gonna be an exciting brawl [8]
You have a friend who will leap, even into a hazardous trap [9]
Beat'em Red Ribbon
For the sake of my wonderful friends
I'll summon a miracle
Set your life on fire, GO FIGHT

Go after the seven dreams
scattered around the world
Don't hand them over to the bad guys
We'll defend the future, fighter [10]


[1] This 走る was kind of a pain in the neck.
[2] This would be really unfortunate to do as plural, i.e. "On the ribbons, ribbons, ribbons" so I did it singular...
[3] Made this a noun to be more sounded so wonkadonk to say "without being afraid" or something, SO.
[4] I went back and forth between "their" and "these" but even though "their" kind of comes out of nowhere it sounds better, I think. No qualification sounds...too weird, I think.
[5]イカした未来 was a new one on me. Any advice appreciated :P Briefly considered going ultra cliché and saying "For a bright and shining future" but...not really appropriate :P
[6] Perhaps an unacceptable level of embellishment given it's all just に、に、に...
[7] What "bonds?" Sorry, I tried to make it make sense...
[8] I used "brawl" above initially and then changed it to "struggle" so I could use "brawl" for 大暴れ...
[9] This phrasing is pretty awk, but honestly I think it's kind of awk in the original too : /
[10] Translated "tomorrow" as "the future," yep, sorry. I dunno. I could see "fight for tomorrow" but "defend tomorrow" or "protect tomorrow" is a little rough sounding...Idk. I guess at some point in these songs it's all a bit rough sounding.


Update: Wow, now I know no one paid attention to this entry. You guys let me typo "desert" as "dessert" V_V #weallwantcake #corrected

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