Sunday, November 20, 2011

あの娘ぼくが使ったらどんな音するんだろう ー OKAMOTO'S

Have had this song in my head all day, in a good way. It's a love song personifying drum sets written by Reiji. Here's the Japanese.

What sound would that girl make if I used her? - OKAMOTO'S [1]

To me it's still too soon, my hands just won't reach
There's nothing I can do about that, always through the glass
even just looking is great

You know, but you know, sometime I'm sure…

I'll come back here, for at least a glance [2]
If I grow up, if I get rich
I'll take you away from here

That's how it'd be if it were up to me, but my lover is...

A Galaxy or a Vistalite Original…
I can't narrow down to just one I like—you and you and you

So cute, on the smallish side
but very well put together, I'm just here longing to
work you out [3]

Actually, you're quite a bit older, such a vet [4]

Sparkles, a little bit of pink. Cuz you're so fancy.
I won't put you to sleep. I'll be tuning you up and down till morning.

A Galaxy or a Vistalite Original
I can't narrow it down to just one I like—you and you and you


[1] Title is still awk...but...seems ok?

[2] This line tripped me up a bit at the end...

[3] Maybe too loose here. Was not 100% sure on the meaning even so I kind fudged it into...well, what is there.

[4] Really could not decide who this was referring to, but I went with her cuz I think the drumsets he is singing about were designed in the 70s and these kids are only just turning 21. That said, the 実は makes it sound kind of like a personal confession; I think that is what is throwing me off. Is he confessing to the listener? ;(

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