Friday, November 18, 2011


So I'm gonna try to do all the songs (that aren't in English already) off the new OKAMOTO'S album, in no particular order except probably one that I like. I'd also like to do all the liner notes, but I'll save that for after the lyrics are done...

Here's the Japanese.

Letter - OKAMOTO'S

Hey, my desire, where has it gone?
Hey, my desire, show me it clearly
For some reason the things I want have gotten blurry since some time ago
Again the day will end, unable to get satisfied

Hey, I wonder where all the treasures I gathered long ago got thrown away?
I look into the marbles, but the sparkle from back then
has gone cloudy. I can't find it [1]

I go into a convenience store and stand there reading magazines
Turn the page, turn the page, turn the page, it's nowhere, nowhere

Hey, the four of us talked all night long. Do you remember that night?
We could tell the season was changing from the smell of the wind
Unfortunately there wasn't a moon, but
we continued talking about our dreams, blushing a little

The dream I saw after waking from a dream
Where is it, where is it…in that cloud

My Cloudy Heart My Cloudy Heart
My Cloudy Heart My Cloudy Heart

Hey, If I look back sometime,
Hey, will the haze in my heart disappear?

My Cloudy Heart My Cloudy Heart
My Cloudy Heart My Cloudy Heart


[1] The only major seeming translation 'change' I made was this "I can't find it" which is literally, "It won't be found?" No one would ever say that in English that I can think of, and certainly not in this situation.

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