Saturday, August 21, 2010

大切だから捨てましょう ー S.R.S.

I really really love this song and hope they play it at the concert on Wednesday! It's so good, even though it's not at all how I conduct myself in a relationship :P I appreciate the music more than the lyrics ;) Here they are in Japanese. It's fun to sing :D

It's precious, so let's throw it away - S.R.S.

I can't manage to hide my confusion, so let's just break up
This feeling is precious, so let's throw it all away

Let's break up, let's throw it away (1)
So we can get something new (2)
Let's break up, let's throw it away
So we can realize the importance of these precious things

Let's forget, let's forget
Because only the things we can't forget will remain

Anyways, if only I forget
You won't know and it'll be really hard
We have to throw this feeling away because it's precious

Let's yell, let's yell
So we conceal our true selves
Let's yell, let's yell
Because our minds will then be at ease
Let's laugh, let's laugh
So we can enjoy even the tough things
So I can keep the clearest presence of mind (3)

I couldn't change my feelings for you
but I also couldn't figure out what to do with them
Saying I don't want to bother you is an excuse, but
I can't manage to hide it so
Let's just break up, let's throw it all away
We'll just get back together anyway so

For now let's break up

(1) I feel like I'm probably breaking a cardinal rule of translating (where those are listed, I don't know...) in this song a couple different times. I'm translating 捨てる as "to throw [something] away" in the literal sense and the metaphorical sense of throwing a relationship away "to break up [with someone]." I'm doing it, even though it's the exact same word in the same context (i.e. the repeated part of the chorus). I believe pretty strongly in the way I did it, though, because the feeling is right.
(2) You can argue all day about whether もの here is "thing" or "person" but I'm going with thing.
(3) I couldn't decide whether the にとって was to indicate that he specifically would be able to keep his presence of mind clear, or if she should get straightened out with regards to him.

*UPDATE: I realized I forgot to convey the しまおう part of some of the lines. Not about to translate it as "unfortunately, let's do [x]" so I added other emphasis that could be taken as sad...ish.

**UPDATE: Changed "don't forget" to "can't" forget. I notice it more when I'm just singing it in Japanese than when I'm trying to translate haha.

***UPDATE: Tweaked the last sentence. It's much better now!

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