Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Across the Mindset - S.R.S

This is the title track on S.R.S's album. Did you know their name stands for Sleeping Rag Sheep? :O I found that out when I went to their concert. They didn't play 大切だから、捨てましょう but they did play this one.

Across the Mindset - S.R.S.

We had a dream of someday
Washed in these leaves and bathing in the sun (1)
We were like birds
rushing into a sky too wide…

Since when are we not discussing the rest of the dream? (2)
I wonder why the door to this dream is left closed
and we can't see it anymore. (3)

Suddenly I felt kidnapped (4)
by a shooting star I saw through the skylight.
Like my heart was not here now
that's the kind of feeling I had.

Since when have I been unable to reach out into the sky
and catch the stars?
I really wonder who decided that
someday a boy has to grow up. (5)

Across the mindset...
Across the mindset...

(1) Kind of awkward, but I don't have any better ideas. I was wondering if maybe 葉に洗う is an idiomatic phrase for the way sun looks after it passes through leaves, like that dapple texture, but it says they are in the sky, not on the ground, and the phrasing makes it sound like it refers to them and not the sun...#shrug
(2) I wasn't sure how to translate the 〜くなったpart. I understand it, sure, but "since when is it the case" and "since when was it decided" both sound weird, especially when you add it to the second chorus line that mirrors it. So I just left it out. Let me know if you have suggestions!
(3) This whole sentence was kind of hard. It's another case where I know what 〜たままで means, but it's hard to translate for this case; it's not like, "I fell asleep with the lights on." I don't think you could say, "I wonder why we became unable to meet with the door to the dream closed." Sounds awful. That said, "and" seems like a cop-out. Also, I wonder if I was right that they can't "meet" the dream. I changed that from "each other" at the last minute...
(4) I started with "transported" but I'm really glad I changed it haha. That was stretching in all the wrong directions. As it is, I dunno if "kidnapped" is the right word. If he were talking directly about his heart I would say "stolen" but I don't think he is yet.
(5) Nobody translates 大人になる literally, right? (I don't know, but I'm not going to here.)

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