Monday, August 9, 2010

朝 ー はっぴいえんど

Note: Originally posted January 22, 2010.

This is one of their songs that get me every time. Original lyrics.


Morning leaks in from a gap in the curtains
and gently wraps you up as you lie there.
The light plays on the white wall and you're so sleepy
it makes you look beautiful. Now inside me
morning is passing through. I hang my head and
lived alone. I didn't see anything.
I didn't hear anything. I have the feeling that
the times up to now are like ancient history. Your awake but sleepy voice; you open your eyes a little, smiling. Without replying, I breathe in.
I'm warm. Outside the window, there is winter.

There are some little doubts about the above. I waffled a bit on the subject, like always. I don't want to get into it, though; just want to listen again.

Update: Actually, I know that 顔をそむく can't possibly mean what I said it does, the way the particles are. Got a little glib. I dunno what it should be, though. Do you betray your face? I wonder if it's just a difference in the figure of speech. If anyone knows I would be interested to find out. Ok wait I just updated it. I found the verb 背ける and it makes WAY more sense. Glad I looked that up. The kanji is the same as 背くbut it seems like the character has changed since the time the song was written (one of those).

Update: As I'm singing I realized I totally whiffed on 冬. Heh, it's "winter" not "snow." Fixed.

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