Sunday, July 17, 2011

Midnight Ice Cream - OKAMOTO'S

Here is a song I often find in my head. Japanese lyrics here.

Midnight Ice Cream - OKAMOTO'S

In the middle of the night it visits me, an explosion I can't hold back [1]
Unbearable desire
My sweet sweet ice cream
Ah right now, ah right now

I'll crush these raging feelings to death, open the lid to see [2]
pink strawberry
I'm laughing
I'm forgetting that girl, but becoming a slave [3]

When I'm sunk into bed, melting from a fever [4]
I'll stuff my mouth so full
It's totally unbearable
It's a secret from mom and dad.

Midnight ice cream, in the middle of the night
Midnight ice cream, it's what I look forward to [5]
It's beckoning me again tonight
I'm bound hand and foot, won't come undone
I'm still ok. Let's keep going! [6]

[1] I think the subject is the unbearable desire.
[2]はやるis an interesting verb in that context. I picked "raging" like an epidemic rages, I guess...uhh. Also, みりゃ is kind of a new one on me. Not sure even how to go about figuring out what that means, so I'm just guessing from context that it's みる like あけてみる, given the pink strawberry that follows.
[3] Used "but" even though there was not a specific conjunction because I think he's becoming a slave no longer to the girl, but to the ice cream?
[4] The tense on this was sort of hard. 頃 implies past tense to me, but maybe that is just a more common use. And then 溶けてきた is past tense like melted, but I think in English we wouldn't use past tense in that instance, given the present/future of the following...part. I honestly didn't expect this song to be so hard :( But it's always hard! :D Because Japanese is hard -_-
[5] "It's my pleasure" is awk because of the set phrase and I also just like the "look forward to" angle more because you can see him daydreaming 'n scheming in his mind.
[6] Sort of a weird ending to the song. ヤリ続ける seems to imply...things, but I could be wrong. I just used "Let's keep going" in terms of "Let's keep doing [what we're doing]."

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